From the May 2023 Rotary magazine, 4 Ways to Elevate Youth Voices:
  1. Work toward their goals, not yours.
This is a club by and for young people — allow them to be the ones to shape it. Remember, Rotary members are there to mentor young people, not manage them. Meet them where they are. Let them set the priorities and ask them how you can best support their goals.
  1. Include youths in your committees, task forces, and teams.
Look for opportunities to include Interactors in leadership roles in your club and district. Invite Interactors to your district conferences and training events, where they learn alongside other leaders and can contribute to the broader conversation. At the international level, starting in July, Interactors will sit on a reimagined Youth Advisory Council, giving them the chance to have a voice in Rotary’s youth programs.
  1. Let them take the lead.
It’s by planning club meetings and service projects that Interactors gain lifelong skills in management, negotiation, and relationship building. So play the supporting role by volunteering at Interact events wherever they need help. Think about additional ways to help Interactors learn leadership skills, such as Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, district leadership events, and local training opportunities.
  1. Watch out for “adultism”.
Adults always know best … or do they? Instead of assuming you know all the answers, be ready to ask questions and listen. Think about the respect you’d give another adult’s viewpoints and ideas and treat a teen the same way.