Frequently Asked Questions
Are the criteria for selection more explicitly spelled out somewhere?
Yes. Further details on the fields of study can be found on the RI Areas of Focus Policy Statements.
Why is there a subject limitation for applicants for the Rotary Scholarships?
Rotary is now funding these scholarships using the same criteria as other large Rotary grants (Global Grants).  Because the Rotary scholars focus on one of the Areas of Focus, their studies will prepare them to actively and effectively address community needs.
Were such limitations District or Rotary International imposed?
These scholarships are funded by Rotary International, which has created the eligibility requirements.  Although District 5450 selects candidates to present to Rotary, Rotary makes the final decision about awarding the scholarships.
Why not international trade and business?
It is not one of the six Areas of Focus 
Is there an age requirement for this opportunity?
Can a High school senior apply?
No, these are for graduate studies. 
Is this available to non-Rotarian students?
No Rotarian is eligible for the scholarship, although Rotaract members may apply. Applicants are generally college graduates with work experience. The scholarship guide provides more details about eligibility.
How do I contact a Scholarship Chair in another District?
Generally a District will include information about Rotary scholarships on their websites if they sponsor a scholar.
Is there a Temple Buell Architectural and Community Planning Scholarship this year?