RISE: 101 Pure Leadership
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RISE: 101 Pure Leadership, Developing the Servant Leader
Program begins February 10, 2023
The RISE: 101 Servant Leadership program has been developed specifically for Rotarians and Rotaractors. The program draws upon well tested leadership concepts focused on serving others, developing emerging leaders, a culture of growth and support and fostering a peer support network with fellow Rotarians.  Our aim is to inspire and motivate participants to become better leaders in their Rotary clubs, in their community, and in their vocation. By embracing these key practices, leaders can build stronger teams and organizations that are committed to service and growth.
  • Sat. Feb. 10: Session 1 - Serving and Leading (In person 9 am to Noon MST – Front Range Community College)
  • Thur. Feb. 15: Session 2 - Servant Leadership Key Practices (Zoom 7-8:15 pm MST)
  • Thur. Feb. 22: Session 3 - Persuasion, Developing, Coaching and Unleashing your colleagues (Zoom 7-8:15 pm MST)
  • Thur. March 7: Session 4 - Conceptualization, Foresight & Stewardship (Zoom 7-8:15 pm MST)
  • Thur. March 14: Session 5 - Meaning and Motivation (Zoom 7-8:15 pm MDT)
  • Sat. March 23: Session 6 - Training Implementation (In person 9 am to Noon MDT – Front Range Community College)
  • NOTE: You will need to plan to attend all 6 sessions as the curriculum is cumulative.
This program will cover key practices such as self-awareness, listening, changing the pyramid, developing colleagues, coaching not controlling, unleashing energy and intelligence of others, conceptualization, foresight, and stewardship. Additionally, there will be discussions on meaning and motivation, and district implementation strategies.
Thank you to Dr. Kent Keith for generously donating his life's work in Servant Leadership to Rotary International.
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  • Fellow Rotarians, I would highly recommend the new D5450 RISE - Rotarians Inspired to Succeed & Engage Program to anyone interested in learning new ways of leading and living through a servant leadership model. I participated in the initial RISE six session training this past September - October and gained fresh practices for working with others and grow personally. Relevant skills that can be applied in any relationship, in Rotary, or at the office. Was also wonderful to go through the training with Rotarians from around the District. Made some new friends and spent time with old. Time well worth spent. - Tamara Fennell, District 5450 DGE 
  • This experience has had a positive impact on me in several ways. A crucial reminder for me was not to shoulder everything alone. It underscored the importance of trusting others to take on responsibilities, especially in a volunteer organization. Being recognized as a "doer" throughout my life and having been an entrepreneur since the age of 20, the mindset of just getting things done has always been a strength. However, this course has illuminated that this approach has primarily served me. It brought on a realization that my true accomplishments come from seeing those around me succeed in their goals and aspirations and brought this back to front of mind for me. -Brianna Sherman, Denver Metro South Club President
  • It has given me ideas on how to lead when the time comes. It is terrific to learn from the attendees' experiences. Also, it has helped me to take more risks in participating and taking responsibilities on a District level, especially since I'm new to the area. -Nicole Handal, District Rotaract Assistant Governor