District Grants Process 2024-2025
District grants are intended to support club-sponsored humanitarian projects that align with The Rotary Foundation and District 5450 missions. These grants are hands-on Rotarian projects that address immediate needs in the benefiting communities, both local and international.    
Online Submission: complete the Google Form template, attach related forms as instructed.  The form is designed to require minimal “must complete” responses and can be saved as a draft at any point.  Upon first submission of a draft or the final version, the form automatically routes to the grant review team with a copy sent to applicant from “Google Forms.”  Save this email as it contains the link to further edit your application down the road.  If you do edit the original or need to send additional documents related to the grant, please notify the grant team at grants5450@gmail.com. This ensures that the edits are recognized and processed appropriately. 
Complete Guidance for District Grants effective July 1, 2024, can be found in the District 5450 District Grants Terms and Conditions, which can be found using the link on the left side of this page
District Grants are humanitarian projects, either local or international, that meet TRF and District guidelines. A District Grant:
  • Meets a need identified by an underserved community.
  • Is a Rotary project, with signage and publicity; not the project of another organization.
  • Has all Grant funds under the control of Rotarians.
  • Does not incur expenses or begin until the Grant application has been approved.
  • Has hands-on involvement by the sponsoring Rotarians at the project site or, in the case of an international project, hands-on involvement by a partner Rotary Club in the project area.
  • Is designed to be completed within one year of approval.
  • Meets the additional requirements included in the District 5450 District Grant Terms and Conditions referenced above.
District Grant Funding 
  • Club funds will be matched $1 to $1 with DDF up to the limits below.  District Grants do not receive additional matching funds from TRF.
  • The DDF pool for District Grants is separate from that for Global Grants.  The amount of DDF available for 2024-2025 for District Grants is $110,000. 
  • Approved District Grant applications will be awarded DDF until the DDF pool is exhausted. The District may prorate awards in the month in which the DDF runs out.
  • Club limits apply separately to local and international projects. 
  • The maximum DDF available to a Club is $6,000 for all projects during the grant year cycle.  The prior limitation based on local versus international location no longer applies. The maximum DDF available per project is $3,000 for the Sponsoring Club.
  • Project Limit:  The maximum DDF that may be requested for each District Grant is determined by the number of Clubs contributing to the Grant:
    • $3,000 if there is only one Club
    • $4,000 if there are two Clubs
    • $5,000 if there are three Clubs
    • $6,000 if there are four or more Clubs
Conflicts of Interest
All Rotary Grants must meet the RI conditions related to Conflicts of Interest, whether real or apparent.  Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed in the Grant application.  For District Grants, a Rotarian with a conflict of interest may not be a member of the grant’s committee or involved in the oversight of the grant.
For additional information or previous years’ form, please contact: