Club Qualification Requirements
District 5450
A District 5450 Club that sponsors a Global Grant or District Grant must be “qualified” before the grant application can be approved.  Club qualification is renewed annually and requires:
  • Attendance at a grant qualification training for the Rotary year of the grant by at least one Club member.  Club Grants Chairs and any Club member interested in Grants are encouraged to attend.
  • All Grant Reporting Current on Global and District Grants.
  • Confirmation of the Club’s most current filing of IRS Form 990 or its equivalent.
  • The District continues to encourage all Clubs to donate at least $50 per capita to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund or PolioPlus each year.
In addition, the following documents must be provided to the District:
  • Executed Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding.  The MOU must be signed by the Club President and President-Elect for the year the grant application will be submitted.  The MOU confirms Club oversight of the grant project and agreement to meet all Rotary requirements.
  • Confirmation of the Club’s (not the Club's Foundation) most current filing of IRS Form 990 or its equivalent.
    • For Clubs using the 990-N or postcard filing send a copy of the confirmation receipt, including the Club name, to
    • For Clubs using 990EZ or 990 send a copy of the signature page with name of a club officer either typed in or signed to
Sending confirmation to the district treasurer will meet the requirements of the District and Grant Qualification at the same time.  Please confirm that the name of the Club is included in the transmittal of the documentation.