Rotarians Inspired to Succeed & Engage
Have you been inspired by great leaders? Do you share their passion for inspiring other to achieving their goals? Join your fellow Rotarians for this innovative leadership program.
Dean: Katherine Henschen-Hauff,
Program begins February 10, 2024 
“Rotary thrives on the passion and commitment of its members, who are constantly inspired to lead and innovate. As our organization evolves and adapts to an ever-changing world, effective leadership becomes even more crucial. In District 5450, we understand that leadership training is paramount to the success of our clubs and members, which is why we are proud to offer this comprehensive program. Our goal is to empower Rotarians with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to excel as leaders and make a lasting impact in their communities. By investing in the development of our members, we are laying the foundation for a stronger, more vibrant Rotary for years to come.“

DG Buchi Anikpezie 
DGE Jim Johnston

RISE Leadership Development Academy Overview
A Multi-tiered Approach: The skills needed to excel as Rotarians leaders can be divided into Servant Leadership Skills & Advanced Rotary Organizational Skills

RISE 101: Pure Leadership - Developing the Servant Leader, the foundational skill necessary to lead volunteer members

Cultivating servant leadership and the associated “people and problem-solving skills” is imperative to Rotary – an organization dependent on the passion and engagement of its volunteer members.

RISE 201: Preparing the Rotary Leaders of Tomorrow

An advanced educational program for those interested in learning more about Rotary, looking to participate in future leadership positions and to find more effective ways to conduct Rotary work --- within clubs or in district Rotary service.

What defines a Rotary Leader and Rotarian Leadership?

Rotarian Leader: A Rotarian who coaches, inspires and motivates others toward a common goal in a collaborative and cohesive way. Leads by example, stretches beyond what is comfortable and expected and helps others to do the same. A leader doesn’t need a title.

Rotarian Leadership: A Rotarian who leads and motivates a group of people to achieve a shared goal, especially in new and better ways. Leadership combines inspiration, motivation, being a role model and providing mentorship while bringing enjoyment, satisfaction and fun to the process of the work. Recognizes and celebrates achievement.