MARCH 2017
District 5450 receives requests every month from other Districts around the world to participate in a Global Grant that is important to them.  Even though we favor Global Grants applications from our own clubs, we do vet and publicize Grant requests from other Districts on our website.  In this way, we verify that a grant application meets our District criteria and clubs, on their own, have the opportunity to consider whether they wish to join the effort.
The vetting process is undertaken by our Service Resource Committee headed up by Mike Hitchcock.  In a recent email, Mike explained what his committee does with these applications:
  • Review all grant requests received and keep on file
  • As a District, give consideration to requests for projects emanating from within our District or surrounding Districts that we already have relationships with through other ongoing projects.
  • Present grants which require further exploration to a small group of people appropriate to the project, i.e. if it is a water or sanitation project have that chair or group give their opinion as to its validity and appropriateness.
Vetting - some positive considerations:
  • Does this project help those who don’t know how or simply can’t help themselves because of outside forces like civil or political unrest, extreme poverty, extreme health issues, etc.
  • The people benefitted are not the provider or providing organization.
  • Is there a real possibility for success and sustainability with the project; will this make a significant improvement in people’s lives and not just be a temporary fix?
Vetting - some negative considerations:
  • Is this project something that is “feathering someone’s nest” or business?
  • Is this project something that could or should have been done by a government or agency or other organization, i.e. is it really to bail someone out?
  • Is this project really just a hand out without really improving someone life long term and in a sustainable manner?
In addition, Mike had some thoughts on the philosophy of giving and Rotary’s role in the world that is part of this effort and I thought important to share:
  • “Don’t do for others what they can or should do for themselves.”
  • Giving should be a hand up, not just a hand out.
  • Help others in need but do it wisely. Don’t waste your generosity when it accomplishes little in the end.
  • Do things for others without any expectation of any reward either financially or with status, only for your own satisfaction.
  • Help people understand or visualize that they and their community can have a better life, i.e. give them hope. This and building relationships is often more important than the actual project.
  • It’s OK to let others know what you are doing, not for their praise but to set an example.
District and Global Grants are an important part of what we do to improve the lives of others both in our own back yard as well as all around the world.  It exemplifies how Rotary Serves Humanity.

Literacy is Power!

Saturday, March 4 - 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Learn about different approaches to improving literacy and how basic education changes lives, both in Colorado and around the world. REGISTER NOW!

Speaker Program (Subject to Change) includes: Junior Achievement: Financial literacy initiatives, Colorado State Libraries: New literacy programs, including COGO out-of-doors program, HIPPY Preschool Program: Jefferson County Home Reading Program for Tots, Denver Children’s Advocacy Center: Child Safety and Abuse Prevention training, Cyber (Digital) Safety Training: Castle Pines Police Dept Education program, Teenage Mom & Infant Literacy: Florence Crittenton School programs, Unite for Literacy: Books & Digital sources in multiple languages and locales, Childhood Immunization Medical Literacy: Colorado Children’s Hospital Parent info

In February as part of the 1st quarter outreach effort by the DMT (District Membership Team) to groups or satellites that meet at alternative times from what we call the “host club”, I visited the Littleton Evening group.
One of my DMTers, Dee Leh, is a very active member of the Littleton club’s evening meeting so I knew that I’d have a warm welcome. This evening group of the Littleton club started over two years ago and grows at a steady pace. Not by design, it started as a group of ten women or so who were in their 50s. Now, it has grown into an age and gender diverse group with such vibrancy. In fact, there were a couple Millennial guests who seemed very engaged at the meeting.
These are the ingredients for success for a Rotary club (whether it’s the “host” or alternative meeting time) that I drew from my visit:
  • Core group of members who had the vision and drive that yields success
  • Solid communication and interaction between the groups - representatives of each group attend the other group’s meetings and have board positions
  • Single club philosophy - one club with multiple options for attending meetings.
  • Membership – remains as a key focus; membership process that is organized to guide the prospective member toward submitting an application. There were 4 guests in one evening.
  • Ongoing and engaging community service projects (e.g. Project Cure)
  • Socializing and camaraderie – they have a social at least once a month
  • Structure – there was a distinct format for running the meeting and execution of the elements of the meeting
  • Leadership – the evening meeting group has its next Facilitator and Membership Chair in place for the new Rotary year
  • Visionary – ideas were mentioned of outreach with clubs in other areas for socializing and projects
  • Venue – parking was easy and food was very good. The Littleton evening group may need to start thinking about a potential challenge of outgrowing the space in which they currently meet.
2017 District Conference
April 28-30, 2017
The cut-off date for room reservations at Cheyenne Mountain Resort is March 28 - be sure to BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW to get the best rate!
Check out the great line-up of speakers and entertainment - guaranteed to inspire and energize you!  REGISTER NOW for the conference!
There is yet time to dig around in your garage and find those unused crutches.  Ask your neighbors and friends if they have MOBILITY DEVICES  they no longer need or use.  So whatever you have, bring it to 700 Bonnie Brae Blvd, New Denver Church on Saturday, March 4th from 10am to 4pm.
Then please come on the following Saturday, March 11th to load a 40’ container.  Please RSVP for the load on the 11th… and bring work gloves!  If you need to arrange a different drop off time, please send me an email,
Hope to see you soon! 
As we move into the final four months of the Rotary Year, it is a wonderful time for us all to recall that this is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Rotary International Foundation. Our Foundation has grown into one of the largest and most respected charitable foundations in the World. Evidence of our mission “To do good in the World” is evident in countries and communities, both here in the U.S. as well as all around the world.  Have you ever been somewhere and been surprised to see a Rotary logo on a park bench, on a water tank or a latrine?  How about on a health clinic or a school?  I recently traveled in India with a Rotary group and was shown a Rotary run community crematorium.
Make no mistake - we ARE doing good in the World. We do this both with the labor of countless Rotarians but also with the charitable contributions of generous Rotarians – like you! As we enter the home stretch for this Rotary year, let’s honor the spirit of the Centennial Celebration by making this a banner year for our Foundation. We have just these few months to push our contributions to the Foundation above and beyond our goal.
Recent years have seen our contribution levels to the Foundation decline significantly. While declining membership is part of the issue, declining per capita contributions is also a major factor. Recall that our contributions to the Rotary International Foundation are returned 100% directly to us for our District Designated Fund (50%) and for our Global Grants (50%) after a three-year hold. This will become evident in the next few years as the level of District Designated Funds (DDF) available to support our projects catches up with the decline in contribution levels.
Please join me in this, our Centennial Celebration, by rededicating ourselves to the mission of the Rotary Foundation! Let’s make this a watershed year for Rotary by donating generously!     
Bob Kemp
District Annual Fund Chair

Rotary will be partnering with other service organizations in an International Week of Service, 25-31 March 2017. All over the world, volunteers like you are working to improve their communities. In the spirit of Rotary Serving Humanity, I ask you to invite another local service group to volunteer with you. Information and resources for this event can be found at Visit the International Week of Service 2017 Facebook event page to RSVP and see what other clubs are planning.

Organizations participating in this event include: Lions Clubs International, Rotary International, Optimist International, Junior Chamber International, Kiwanis International, Moose International, Soroptimist, Y’s Men International, Pilot International, and Sertoma Inc.

To participate, your club can work with one or more other area service groups to do something together for your community. They can join you in a pre-planned event, or you can plan a new event together. Find a fellow service organization in your community here. Share your photos and videos at, on the event page, and on social media using #weekofservice2017. To promote your activities locally, we’ve provided you with a customizable press release.
This event will help us to promote all of our organizations, highlight membership opportunities, and reinforce the importance of doing good in the world. It’s a chance for our volunteers to forge lasting relationships and creating the potential for future joint projects. Your participation will also achieve one of the service goals listed in my presidential citation.
I hope you’ll join me in what promises to be a unique, important opportunity to better your community.
John F. Germ
President, Rotary International 2016-17

The Peaceful Schools Program is proud to announce a new website:
This program partners Rotary Clubs with local schools to promote the social and emotional development of our children and youth to enhance their success in school and in life.
Currently we have 15 Rotary Clubs, 6 school districts, 25 schools and over 1,500 students involved in the program.
The website provides in depth information for Rotarians, Educators, Students and Parents such as:
        - How the program works
        - Benefits of the program
        - How to start a program in your community
        - Program materials 
        - Videos
        - Training
        - Contact information
Please visit the website today to get more information and to get started promoting the social and emotional development of the youth in your community.
Photo by by Gerry Case of
Broomfield Rotary
Arvada Rotary President Bryan Head
receiving a check from Executive
Directorof Garden & Home Show, 
Jim Fricke. Photo by Nancy Nichols
The Arvada Rotary Club completed it's annual fundraiser at the Colorado Garden & Home Show in the week of February 4th through the 12th. Each year the club sells the tickets at the box office for walk up customers to the G & HS. All of the money collected for tickets and booths for the show is distributed in grant money for education in gardening, horticulture and agriculture. For example, there are students now attending CSU on full scholarships from the Colorado Garden Foundation.
When the Arvada Club started this fundraiser 22 years ago, one of the Rotarians noticed that at the end of the show, flowers were being thrown away. Through the graces of the Executive Director of the show, Jim Fricke, the Club was able to keep the flowers and take them to nursing and assisted living homes for those who were not able to attend the show. Over the years, many other Rotary clubs joined in and "Flower Power" was born!
This year 23 clubs participated in Flower Power and 6,400 flowers were distributed to assisted living homes, nursing homes and orphanages in the Denver Metro Area and Castle Rock, Parker and Boulder. At the close of the show on Sunday night, February 12th, two Boy Scout troops from Arvada, a girl's lacrosse team from Cherry Creek High School and many Rotarians helped take the flowers from the gardens and box them up to load on two semi-trailers. On Monday, Feb. 13th, the Rotary clubs come to Mile High Stadium and pick up their allotted number of flowers. It is always a treat to see the smiles on those receiving the flowers!
Thanks to all who participated this year. All of the Rotary clubs involved did a terrific job and made a difference in many lives.
Let me know if you have any questions and thanks!  Dan Hershberger  303-506-8332
PJ Dyon, District Interact Chair and Lee Mulberry, District Youth Services Chair are proud to announce that we now have 40 Interact Clubs operating in our District.  We have added 5 clubs in the past year and have a couple more under development.
We have held two District wide Interact Conferences in the past year, each was well attended by almost 20 clubs and over 100 Interactors. Every Rotarian can be very proud of the youth in our District; these young people are very socially aware and have a great passion for doing service projects. Please think to include your Interact Club in your local projects. Please invite them to your Rotary Club meetings - they appreciate and enjoy this honor.
PJ and I deal with these young future leaders regularly and we can say with great sincerity that the future of our country is in good hands.

Ellen Maynes, an Australian and 2016 Rotary Global Peace Fellow, is a peace and conflict adviser working on human rights issues in Myanmar.  Ellen holds a Master in International Development from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  Her work in Myanmar currently focuses on a project to strengthen freedom, especially freedom of speech, and involves engagement with the Myanmar government, UNESCO and media organizations.  


Ellen will be speaking to Denver Rotary, Thursday, April 6 at 11:30 at the DAC, 1325 Glenarm Place.  Cost for lunch is $25 payable at the door.  For reservations:
  Rotary International Convention
  June 10 to 14, 2017

The 2017 District Conference is going to be unique…it will be more like a short vacation getaway than a “convention”.  Here are just a few things you might decide to do during your stay: get in a round of golf at the 18 hole championship Pete Dye course  Or, truly relax and unwind at the new Alluvia spa  Maybe you'll decide to venture off of the resort…where you can explore the family-friendly Garden of the Gods or the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Don't forget about the National Museum of World War II Aviation,, or visit the Olympic Training Center, http://

There is so much to do in this wonderful city, you might even consider coming a little early or staying a little longer to make it a fun vacation.  Whatever you decide, don’t miss next year’s District Conference in Colorado Springs!  Save the date: April 28-30; we promise, you’ll be glad you did!

The good you do comes back to you.
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The attached report shows Membership, Annual Fund and Polio Plus goals entered by each club into Rotary Club Central, and the numbers and per capita achieved by each club (arranged by Area.)  The District 5450 goal is to have an increase in Membership, and for Every Rotarian to give something Every Year (EREY).

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