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Water and Sanitation experts are needed for a recently approved Vocational Training Team (VTT) between Rotary Districts 5440, 5450 and 9200.  A team of six Rotarian and non-Rotarian water and sanitation experts will travel to Nairobi, Kenya in approximately June of 2013.  They will work with Kenyans in Nairobi and four villages outside of Nairobi to train locals in a variety of water and sanitation issues and management of businesses associated with same. 

Some of the skills to be taught are resource mapping, urban community water management, community solid waste management, training in sanitation/hygiene practices, youth in business, water and sanitation as business in the rural context, water purification techniques, maintenance of boreholes and solar pumping equipment.  The six U.S. team members will work closely with a Kenyan VTT team while in Kenya.  The Kenyan team of four will travel to the Colorado and Wyoming Districts after the U.S. team visits Kenya for more extensive training.

The candidates will be chosen based on their experience and skills in the areas addressed above, and their careers must be linked in some way to the grant goals.  There are no age restrictions as there were with GSE team members.

This will be a 4 week trip with all travel expenses paid by the Rotary Global Grant set up to fund the VTT. Final dates for the trip will depend on approval date by Rotary International.

Please e-mail your CV or resume and the Global Grants Vocational Training Team Member Application by April 15, 2013 to John Logan or Ron Hammell.  You can download the Team Member Application and a Draft Training Schedule by clicking on the files in the upper left of this page.

John Logan

Ron Hammel