From ancient times the torch bearers have been the first on the paths of discovery, exploration and battle, illuminating the way for those who follow. Rotarians, commit to be a torch bearer who will invite, unite and ignite new members whose fire and energy will add to ours to help overcome the darkness of poverty, illiteracy, hunger and disease.

Our District 5450 launched the IGNITE membership initiative on August 1, 2012 at the Commerce City Rotary Club. The District Membership Team (DMT) will be working with club membership chairs and club leaders to roll out this new program and deploy to all clubs.

Each club in D5450 should strive to attain the designation of Premier Club where you will be receive the Governor's Membership Citation. The designation is a cherry on top. The journey to surpass the minimum requirements of this program and continue beyond will be the goal of each club.

There is a plethora of documents to get your club started with the IGNITE program. The great thing about IGNITE is that it's focused on both Attracting and Engaging Members and making it fun and interactive for your club.

Testimonials about IGNITE:
"The Denver Sky High Rotary Club is always  fired up and passionate about everything “Rotary”.  However, our club feels like the Ignite program provided us the “spark” needed to fuel our membership initiatives.  We did not necessarily change what we have been doing but being the competitive group that we are we used Ignite as an opportunity to motivate our members and gives cause for celebration.  The challenge of the Ignite program helps us achieve our informal number 5 to the Four Way Test – “Will it Be Fun”?  Ignite is a good tool to help put substance around membership."
~Peggy Martinez, Membership Chair, RC of Denver Sky High

"Being completely new to the game. only in Rotary for one year.  IGNITE really gave me a road map of what I should be doing.  I used the documentation the club had added a few minor changes with ideas from IGNITE and hit the ground running.  I think the success I have had is due, to people having the confidence to bring someone in knowing there someone to guide the process for the prospective member.  We have been fortunate to have a couple of people with interest approach us.  The others have been brought in through existing relationships with Rotarians, both in the club and outside the club.  I think that this growth would have happened with or without IGNITE.  IGNITE gave me a way to guide people through the process and teach me about the process."
~ Charles Harrison, RC of Conifer Membership Chair

"I think Charles is spot-on with IGNITE giving us all the confidence that there is a "process" to enrolling new members.  We have also greatly ramped up our induction ceremony to make it something more important - take more time on each person being inducted, and involve more Club members in the actual induction ceremony. (this came by way of our AG Bill Downes).

Our intention was to get back to the "honor" involved in being a member, translating that to the "honor " of being invited to join --- previously I think we'd been focusing on numbers. As with all things - letting go and letting the process have an opening to happen - changes everything.   Charles has been the perfect person to take this on - he's focused on genuine interest in the total person being invited and his interviews are really stellar.   Then what he broadcasts to the members for their vote carries that same widespread interest. I'm not sure that we've used IGNITE in its totality - but because it's there and providing guidelines, it has given us backbone..... and those potential new members are showing up as in Noah's Ark - two by two by two!!"
~ Suzanne Barkley, RC of Conifer President